It has recently come to light that there may be a strong link between obesity and oral health, with people who have a very high body mass index also having a strong prevalence of periodontal disease. Dr. Roberson of your Birmingham dental team is aware of this connection and concurs with the experts who recommend a lifestyle change in order to address both issues simultaneously.  

The problem with obesity and oral health starts early 

Even more disturbing, studies are now showing that the connection is one which probably starts very early in life, with children who are either overweight or obese, developing a higher incidence of dental caries. Other studies have shown that children who have a diet high in refined carbohydrates and sugars tend to have a higher occurrence of obesity and oral health issues. Sometimes it’s a lifelong battle with both. Unless changes are made.

Diet appears to be the answer 

Studies conducted on obese adults have returned similar findings, with obese people showing a higher statistical prevalence of periodontal disease and other health issues. At the heart of it all, there seems to be a high incidence of bacteria in the mouths of obese people which is associated with being overweight. Since obese people tend to fill up on more foods which contain lots of fats and sugars, they eat far less of the healthy foods which contain micro-nutrients which might help to prevent oral problems. For individuals in this category, Roberson Dental team members recommend a lifestyle change that decreases carbs and sugars and emphasizes healthier foods.  

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