A beautiful bright smile is something that most of us want. However, it’s not uncommon for many of us to have dental issues that prevent us from having one. Luckily, there are plenty of things that you can do to fix it up and make it absolutely perfect. Let the team at Roberson Dental restore your beautiful smile.

The Truth About Gaps and Missing Teeth

Gaps and missing teeth can not only cause us to hide our smiles, they actually lead to bone loss in the jaw, not to mention difficulty with chewing and talking. Bone loss in the mouth and jaw can shrink the contours of the mouth, creating an aged appearance. This can result in wrinkled lips and a recessed chin, things you’re probably not hoping to have to deal with.

The Solution

Luckily, there are effective solutions for gaps and missing teeth. In fact, the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends dental implants as an almost one hundred percent solution. Dr. Roberson knows that implants, as a much more permanent solution, are a preferred choice over dentures and bridges.

Dental implants are artificial teeth attached to a biocompatible titanium post. The post is attached to the bone and fuses with it, reducing the potential for bone loss. Best yet, dental implants can replace a single tooth or many teeth. The best news is that dental implants are an affordable permanent solution. Give your Birmingham dental team a call. We can’t wait to restore your show-stopping smile.

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