Dr. Roberson says that children who engage in high-risk sports and rigorous activities should wear mouthguards to protect themselves against dental emergencies. Parents should consider a mouthguard as an essential part of protective equipment for their child.

Reasons to Use a Mouthguard

Mouthguards are also known as mouth protectors. The athletic gear is designed to cushion the face from impact, reduce the risk of broken teeth and protect soft tissues around the oral cavity from injuries during high impact sports or activities. Studies show that athletes are more likely to sustain injuries when they do not wear a mouthguard, making it important to use the equipment starting from an early age. Roberson Dental says they can benefit boxers, gymnasts, martial artists and skaters among other sportspeople.

Three types of Mouthguards

There are basically three types of mouthguards: custom-fitted, stock, and boil, and bite. These three ranges in price and the level of protection they can provide a child.


  • Custom-Fitted Mouthguards: Custom-fitted guards are customized and fit perfectly to the child’s mouth. They are made by dental professionals who first take an impression of the child’s mouth so the guard can be made to fit. They offer the highest level of protection and the best fit. 
  •  Stock Guards: These types of mouth protectors are pre-formed and ready-to-wear. You can find them at any sports type store. Consequently, they are cheaper, do not fit very well, and could affect talking and breathing. 
  • Boil-and-Bite: The boil-and-bite mouthguard falls in the middle when it comes to protection, price and fit. They take the shape of the child’s mouth once they are softened in boiling water. They are not custom-fitted to the child’s mouth, but they fit better than a stock guard. They also provide more protection than a stock variety.


Working with a qualified Birmingham dental team will make it easier to find a mouth guard that fits perfectly and provides the best protection. You will also be advised on what to do if your child has a retainer or other orthodontic appliances.

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