Most dentists recommend an annual checkup and two cleanings per year. Some people tend to skip these routine visits. Instead, they want to wait until there are problems or pain before having a dentist check them out. They may notice a cavity or sore gums but want to wait until it gets bad or causes pain before seeking treatment. Waiting can cause serious issues.

A Dental Problem Won’t Fix Itself

Unlike a few medical issues, dental problems won’t just go away. Instead, they will get worse when treatment is delayed. Cavities and gum disease will not just heal themselves. Even improving your dental routine will not prevent them from becoming worse, depending on how severe they are. Avoiding dental care will allow them to become more aggressive and involved. Without removing bacteria in cases of infection, prescribing medications, or filling cavities, the conditions will continue to get worse.

Homeopathic and DIY remedies for treating dental problems only allow more time for them to get worse. When conditions are caught early on, minimally invasive and less costly preventative therapies can be used.  That route can often halt or reverse a condition before needing more aggressive or invasive treatments. It’s important to see your Mountain Brook, AL dentist as soon as you experience even the slightest symptoms. However, it is important to note that there are times when there are no symptoms present even though a dental condition exists. This is why routine exams are so important.

If There is No Pain, It’s Not Serious, Right?

Pain is often the first thing that causes someone to call their dentist and make an appointment. It alerts you to an abscess, cavity, or gum disease. No one enjoys a toothache! But just because you are not experiencing pain, it doesn’t mean there are no problems. In the most severe cases of tooth decay or an abscess, affected nerves can become damaged so that pain is no longer felt. If you detect a cavity or see your gums are swollen, don’t delay dental care just because there’s no pain. For some problems, there are no obvious symptoms like pain, swelling, or redness. This is precisely the reason Dr. Roberson recommends routine exams. A simple checkup can often reveal the beginning of a problem while it is easily treatable with non-invasive options.

Delaying Dental Treatment Can Cost You More

When dental problems are allowed to progress without treatment, the options for treating or restoring your teeth change. For example, Dr. Roberson may detect a small cavity during a routine visit. It can be quickly filled to prevent it from spreading. If it wasn’t detected, or if you saw it but decided to wait until it starts to cause pain, it can do much more damage.

Even waiting until your next six-month checkup can reveal that the decay has spread to adjacent teeth, into the nerve, or has started to create an abscess. Now you will need a lot more than a filling to regain a healthy mouth. You may need a root canal, a crown, and a filling on other affected teeth. Waiting totally revised your treatment plan. Your out of pocket expenses can easily double with these additional treatments, even if you have insurance. Detecting and treating dental problems earlier can save your teeth, your smile as well as save you time and money.

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