Having extra teeth isn’t a common topic for discussion. Some people experience more teeth than normal including canine teeth. Extra teeth in children is often linked to some medical conditions. If you find you or your kids have extra canine teeth or other teeth discuss your concerns with your dentist in Birmingham. It’s best to have a dental professional check teeth growing inside your gums.

What are canine teeth?

Canine teeth are also commonly referred to as eye teeth. They get their name due to the way they resemble a dog’s fangs. In humans, canine teeth are not as long or sharp as dog’s fangs, but they are in the same position in their mouth and are sharper and longer than the other teeth. They are referred to as the “eye teeth” because they sit directly under the eye sockets.

Why do we have canine teeth?

We do not have to worry about hunting and scavenging for food anymore. So, we don’t necessarily need canine teeth to survive. But they do make it a lot easier when we eat meat. These teeth are essential for biting and holding food and tearing up meat.

What happens if I have extra teeth?

Usually, by the time a person turns 13, their canine teeth have fallen out and the second set of adult teeth grow in. However, sometimes the second set of canine teeth growing in the gums without losing the first set. This can cause numerous issues that you’ll need to discuss with a Birmingham dentist. One possibility is that the adult teeth become impacted. Sometimes, children have extra teeth that inhibit the second teeth from erupting. Poor alignment may also cause the canines to need to compete for space with nearby teeth. It is rare, but sometimes there are unusual growths in the soft gum tissue that delays the proper progress of eyetooth development and eruption.

What can a Birmingham dentist do for extra canine teeth?

A regular dental exam will include x-rays which can reveal whether or not the extra canines are impacted. If this issue is discovered early enough, it can be treated before impaction occurs. Having extra teeth can cause problems because they become larger even though they are growing in the gums. If they are allowed to continue, the roots will become longer, crowns will become larger and they’ll take up more space in the gums and bone. Removing the teeth once they are larger can leave a large space in the bone. It could need grafting to fill in the space that is left once the tooth is removed. This will be a more intense procedure and require a longer recovery.

If the extra canine teeth growing in the gums are touching the root of another permanent tooth, it can cause other problems such as resorption. If resorption is severe, it can cause tooth loss eventually.

Extracting Extra Canine Teeth

Sometimes, when there are extra teeth growing in your gums they may be left in place. This is only if they are not causing issues or problems with other teeth. However, in most cases, it’s best to have the extra teeth removed even if only for aesthetic reasons. You can discuss your concerns with your dental professional. In some cases, extra teeth need cosmetic dental surgery in Birmingham to remove the extra canine teeth as soon as possible.

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If you discover you have extra teeth growing inside your gums, schedule an exam with your Birmingham dentist right away. The sooner it is diagnosed and treated, the less likely it is to cause you long-term problems.

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